Choosing Your Alloy Wheels and Maintaining Them

When a person decides to buy a set of wheels Melbourne, there are two different reasons behind it. First of all, the alloy wheels are lighter, and they offer a much better choice than standard stock wheels. The un-sprung weight of the vehicle is greatly reduced with the help of such wheels in your car.

The weight of your tyre, wheel, and brakes are reduced and therefore, the performance of your car increases. If brakes are mounted in the tyres, the weight can further increase. Parts of half-shafts, spindles and bearings can also increase the overall weight of the vehicle.


If you reduce the weight, things like braking, fuel economy and acceleration can be greatly improved as well. When taking care of your wheels, always ensure that you have well-designed Lift kits.

However, the main reason why to decide to upgrade their wheels is that they look a lot better than normal steel wheels. Even if a standard wheel has a fancy hub cap on it, the alloys still look much better. When buying new wheels, you need to consider a lot of technical issues. These issues comprise of the number of bolts, pitch circle diameter, spigot size, offset and much more.

The options available for your wheels


Therefore, it is possible that the options are limited to a certain size or specification of the wheels and the cars. Therefore, you need to go through a complete technical guide before even considering buying a set of alloy wheels. Usually, these wheels are very versatile and can complement any vehicle.

The most popular kind of wheels for sale is five and six-spoke alloy wheels. When you are browsing for alloy wheels, these are the most common kinds of wheels that you will say.

They will suit any vehicle and at the same time, it is best to choose wider spoke wheels on a wheel that have a larger diameter. Moreover, it is best to choose a well-rounded and smoother design based on the requirements of your vehicle.

If you use a fancier pattern, they can look a little overwhelming on the normal vehicles. If you have greater, sports of executive vehicles, you should choose a multi-spoke or twin design. They can come from a rally car if that is what you are after.

There are loads of vehicles which have a lot of character and such wheels are well-suited for them. You should choose the correct set of wheels before having their look completely dominated by any of them. There are many other designs available, which include the ones with bolts exposed. In the past, we had three-spoke alloy wheels, and they were great as well.

These days, Rays wheels are a good option to consider. However, they are now few and far between. Choosing the correct finish is also necessary when you wish to purchase a new set of alloy wheels.

When coating King wheels, paints are very important. Paint usually consists of three different layers. The first layer consists of a primer coat which can be used to cover the bare metal base of the alloy.

Coating and cleaning for your alloys


A perfect layer is provided by the primer coat to cover the metal base coat used in the alloy. A clear coat or lacquer is present in the third coat which adds shine and protection to the complete set of wheels. You can also make use of stainless steel in your coats. They are used to coat the outer lips of standard alloy wheels.

Since stainless steel is stronger than alloy, the outer lips get tougher, and they can withstand more abuse compared to the usual alloy. The shine is also kept longer in stainless wheels, and they can be cleaned easily as well. If you are choosing Chrome, they are cheaper and offer a better shine as well.

In the market today, most wheels feature a painted surface, include a machine lip or face with a completely clear finish. You need to take care of your alloy wheels without damaging the protective layering or coats.

What you need to do is go for periodic washes but from a reputed car wash. Uses of good car-washing packages are highly recommended. You can prevent permanent damage by periodic use of stain and bug remover.

You should never use abrasive cleaners, polishing compounds or steel wool to clean your wheels. You need to be wary of any automatic car washes. They are the ones who can end up damaging the protective coating of your wheels. There are some who make use of acidic cleaners to remove dirt and stain from wheels. The same concept applies if you’re running nudge bars sydney on your 4×4 vehicle.

Choosing proper polish for your alloys


Both of them can harm your wheels very much. Therefore, you always need to ask for procedures and equipment before proceeding to the car wash. You should make sure that your 4wd tyres and alloy wheels are never steam-cleaned.

The paint can be dulled by hot steam, or the clear coat finish can be hampered. Hot wheels should never be cleaned. Instead, you should wait for them to cool before proceeding.

If the surface is hot, water on your alloys will tend to dry faster, leaving a certain dull mark behind or a film of soap on the wheels. Wheels can dry out quickly if you are cleaning them under direct sunlight. This is a problem in the case of chrome wheels along with machine-faced alloy wheels. You need to clean your alloy wheels on an everyday basis.

Usually, they are the dirtiest part of your vehicle, and they are always exposed to various elements, ocean and sea salt, corrosive dust particles along with inevitable road tar. Another major problem is disc brake dust.

They can burn small marks on your car if not removed at the proper time. They can cause pitting of the alloy in case they are left untreated. Therefore, proper care should always be taken. Protection of expensive alloys and rims adelaide is a must.